Here is the list of all the events (partners meetings, shows,…) related to the W3D project…

20-22/11/2013 – fOSSa 2013

Where : Eurotechnologies, Lille


More details on the event website

14/11/2013 – Trophées “Loading the Future” 2013

Where : ESC, Rennes
When : 9am

The project will be part of the competition on november 11th. This event, organized by the Images & Réseaux innovation cluster will take place at ESC Rennes.


This annual event aims to reward the best innovation projects from the cluster.

See more details on the official website

13/11/2013 – Web In Lorient

Where : Palais des Congrès, Lorient

The project will be presented by MBA among the other project of the agency at “Web in Lorient”. If you’re interesed by our work and want to know more about the project, feel free to visit us on our stand 😉


See detail on the official Website of the event

12/10/2013 – Fête de la Science

The project was presented by Gaëlle (LOUSTIC) for the event “Fête de la science”. It was a great occasion to show some of our prototypes to children and learn how they feel this new dimension we try to bring to the Web with our project.


27/06/2013 – Carrefour des Possibles 2013

Where : Faculté des Sciences économiques, Rennes
When : 5:30pm

Read more about this event in this blog post

26/06/2013 – Bilan de fin de programme

Where : INRIA Rennes
When : 2pm to 4:30pm

02/10/2012 – Viva-Cités 2012

Where : Esplanade Charles de Gaulles, A-park, Rennes
When : 10:30am to 4:30pm

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Read more about the event in this article.

21/06/2012 – Meeting partenaires #5

Where : Polymorph, Montgermont
When : 10 to 12 am

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21/06/2012 – Meeting partenaires #4

Where : Laboratoire Loustic, Rennes
When : 2 to 4 pm

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18 to 22/06/2012 – Semaine de l’innovation

Where : Locaux Polymorph, Montgermont
When : 5 to 8 pm

More infos :

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27/04/2012 – Meeting partenaires #3

Where : Polymorph, Montgermont
When : 10 to 12 am

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20/03/2012 – Meeting partenaires/financeurs

Where : Pôle Images & Réseaux, Campus de Beaulieu, Rennes
When : 10 to 12 am

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