Viva-cités 2012 : W3D-Project presented by MBA at the Numeric Village

For the purpose of the event Viva-Cités, organized by Rennes Métropole and de City of Rennes from sept. 29th to oct. 7th, MBA Multimedia presented the collaborative project “W3D-Project” at the Numeric Village.

W3D-Project presented in the APark for Viva-Cités

MBA took part of the event in the A-Park, Esplanade Charles De Gaulle, on oct. 2nd. In this huge an d amazing cube, near Polymorph Software and near Pôle Images & Réseaux, a lot of visitors were able to discover our work and to test some demos.

Once again, the public feedback was very good and every one has shown a great interest for our researches.

The event’s website :

W3D-Project’s website :

3D Memory game demo – Video

This video demonstrate how HTML5 and CSS3 can be combined with some pretty nice graphics to render cool 3D effects, and that, only with a Web browser. This game was designed and developed for the “Innovation week” (See this post).

This game will be available very soon, so you will be able to test it by yourselves.

We wanted to illustrate with this little application, that thanks to HTML5 and CSS3, 3D programming is now possible without plugin (Flash, Unity).

Another great advantage of these kinds of developments: this game works as well on a desktop browser, than on a tablet (iPad for example), and this, only with a few media queries!!!

W3D-Project at the Innovation Week

W3D-Project will be presented by MBA Multimedia and Polymorph during the “Innovation Week in Brittany” from monday 18th to friday 22nd, in Montgermont.

It will be a good occasion to communicate about our work and to show some demos of 3D websites.

You will find more informations about the event:

A.P.I. Newsletter – 2012/04/16

Here is an excerpt of the API (Atlantic press information) newsletter (April, 16th), talking about MBA Multimedia and the W3D-Projet :

[…] Avec le projet W3D, MBA multimédia veut intégrer la troisième dimension aux sites internet. « Cela permettra d’enrichir nos solutions en proposant à nos clients des sites vitrines avec une mise en scène de produits en 3D, sans utilisation de matériel spécifique », indique Régis Le Guennec, le dirigeant. Le consortium regroupe Polymorph software, l’INRIA et le laboratoire Loustic. Labélisé par le pôle Images et Réseaux, le projet, dont le budget atteint 617 k€, est financé par la Région Bretagne et Oséo. Démarré depuis janvier 2011, il mobilise, sur deux ans, trois personnes chez MBA multimédia. […]

First meeting with the financers

On tuesday, march 20th, both W3D project members (INRIA, Loustic, MBA Multimedia & Polymorph Software) and financers were gathered at the Pôle Images & Réseaux in Rennes. The aim of this meeting was to present the current state of the project and share some demos and presentations with our financers.

In the following picture you can see all the audience testing Polymorph’s 3D glasses pack!

The feedback from OSEO and the Pôle was very good!