MBA Multimedia launches its 2014 greeting card in 3D


We’re proud at MBA to present you the 2014 version of our yearly digital greetings card.

This year, through this interactive 3D animation, you’ll have to help our little pony finding its lost package.


This project includes several elements from the W3D project like 3D mouse parallax, depth cursors…

2014 greeting card from MBA Multimedia

Feel free to test it and to customize/share it with your friends 😉

Loading the Future 2013


Yesterday we were very proud to win the 2013 PME Price during the 2013 “Loading the Future” event.


This annual event, organized by the Images & Réseaux cluster aims to present and reward the best innovative projects of the year in various fields of research.

If you want to know more about our project, don’t hesitate to contact us

You’ll also find photos of other winners on this Flickr page

TV Rennes 35 talks about W3D Project

“TV Rennes 35” put the lights on the W3D Project. You will find the video on the replay here. At 16:25s you’ll see Regis Le Guennec, CEO at MBA Multimedia, explaining how the agency is trying to bring  new dimension to the Web through this collaborative project.


W3D at the “Carrefour des Possibles”

The W3D project will be presented by MBA Multimedia at the event “Carrefour Des Possibles” which will take place in Rennes on thursday, june 27th.


Read more about this event on the official website

Elastic Textures by INRIA – Video

In this video you will find a demonstration of a new technology developped by INRIA for W3D-Project called “Elastic Images” or “Elastic textures”.

Elastic Images is a novel pseudo-haptic feedback technique which enables the perception of the local elasticity of images without the need of any haptic device.


This new and very innovative feedback effect was firstly developed with Unity was also implemented in HTML5 by MBA Multimedia and INRIA.


More infos about INRIA’s work can be found here :