Pseudo-Haptic Textures by INRIA

Pseudo-Haptic Textures by INRIATweet

Pseudo-haptic textures allow to optically-induce relief in textures without a haptic device by adjusting the speed of the mouse pointer according to the depth information encoded in the texture. In this work, we present a novel approach for using curvature information instead of relying on depth information. The curvature of the texture is encoded in a normal map which allows the computation of the curvature and local changes of orientation, according to the mouse position and direction. A user evaluation was conducted to compare the optically-induced haptic feedback of the curvature-based approach versus the original depth-based approach based on depth maps. Results showed that users, in addition to being able to efficiently recognize simulated bumps and holes with the curvature-based approach, were also able to discriminate shapes with lower frequency and amplitude.

This work was published and presented at Eurohaptics 2012. More information of this publication can be obtained at the following link.

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